Benefits Of Centralised Storage And Cloud Computing

Human Resources And Customer CareCentralised file storage and sharing is one of the abilities cloud computing has yielded. Small-to-medium businesses can take advantage of this ability to streamline file sharing and resource collaboration with ease. We are specialised in helping businesses quickly set up effective file sharing systems and solutions that are secure and easy to use

  • Shared calendars – Effective scheduling is a key aspect of productivity and modernising operations. Scheduled calendars can reduce scheduling efforts and make coloration between department personnel very easy. We offer user friendly simple use shared calendars for businesses of all sises.
  • Unbounded email mobility – Our solutions ensures you can send emails and secure their accessibility from any browser regardless of the location.

Why move to the cloud?

There are many advantages of migrating business operations and files to the cloud. Some of them include;

  • Reduction in hardware costs – Cloud eliminated the need to buy additional servers and storage hardware. The cloud storage space is unlimited and web-based SaaS models now mean businesses will not need software as well.
  • Reduction in maintenance – Delivery of web-based services through the cloud feature server-side upgrades and updates. There will be minimal maintenance costs required of businesses.
  • Simplicity and efficiency – Cloud computing breaks down complex processes to instructions that are automated. The office network will be simpler and easier to use and troubleshoot.
  • Remote access – This is one of the greatest advantages of cloud computing. You can work from home, on the road or any other remote location provided there is internet access. With hosted applications and CRM databases, remote access can be effortlessly achieved.
  • Flexibility – Activities such as setting up new IT personnel for networking is much easier with cloud computing. It is also possible to outsource various services and scale up/down requirements.

There are many other advantages of cloud computing which seems to be the inevitable business environment for modern enterprises and holds the future for e-commerce entrepreneurs.