Why It Is Important To Backup Your Data

Cloud computingAs an entrepreneur you most likely understand that data backups are the most critical I.T function yo will ever perform. The consequence of data loss to your business can range anywhere from being a time-consuming irritation to a catastrophic event. Without a data backup, you put your company’s projects, email archives, accounts, tax returns, client data bases, product information that have taken time to complete at stake.

For most small companies, data loss may occur simply due to the failure of a system’s hard drive or unexpected “bolt-from-the-blue” event.

Common causes of data loss include;

  • Theft.
  • Hard drive failure.
  • Employee sabotage.
  • Accidental deletion.
  • Fire.
  • Software corruption.
  • Flooding.
  • Power surge.

There is no doubt that most businesses that have ever experienced one of these unfortunate events at one time shared the “It can never happen to us” mentality. What they did not understand is that these events are more commonplace than they often seem. For example, here are a few occurrences that some companies have had to live through;

Power Surge

An office located in out-of-town London had its server’s hard drive physically damaged by an unexpected electrical power surge. The power surge is said to have been caused by a nearby excavator hitting a subterranean ESB line.


An office was flooded due to a fault of an absent minded employee who left a tap run throughout a weekend causing the space to flood. All the desktop computers in the office submerged in the water resulting in a devastating data loss. Valuable information was lost leading to an irreparable damage.


A certain London hotel had its critical files hosted on its server deleted by one of its employees who was furious after getting his notice.


An office located in the heart of London, whose owner had a wrongful belief that he had enough fire prevention in place got the shock of his life when a humongous fire starting from a premises next door spread and engulfed his office destroying a significant amount of data.

If you take a keen look at all of these events, you will realise that all of them share one thing in common; they were all totally unexpected events. You should know that your data is irreplaceable, always prepare for the unexpected. The only way you can do this is to install a backup system and have an emergency data set somewhere else.

On-site Backup

For local or onsite backup, we can install a system which is;


A system like this can be scheduled to backup at convenient times without having to remember to backup.


With this system, you can back up files in their non-compressed or native format so the backups can be easily checked for your peace of mind.

Back up onto portable storage devices, which can easily be removed from site.